Sleep Apnoea and CPAP

The Broken Hill South Pharmacy are now agents for Air Liquide Healthcare and have 3 fully trained CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) consultants. The girls understand that CPAP is not the most comfortable change to your life, but it will make a major difference to your well being. It is also important that the patient make the right purchase of masks etc as they come in many different sizes and designs. The mask that a patient uses must seal perfectly to get full benefit from the machine.

A trial of CPAP is essential before being sent home with all the new equipment and having no idea what to do.
A trial lasts for 4-6 weeks depending on the patient. This method allows the patient to use different types of machines and masks to help you find the right one without all the cost. The trial also allows the patient to use a humidifier. 
The cost of the trial is $250. This will need to be paid on the first appointment of your trial. If you decide to purchase our machine after your trial, the $250 will come off of your purchase price. If you decide not to purchase our machine your deposit money will not be refunded.
If a patient decides to purchase the equipment, there are a few options. The patient must choose the mask they are most comfortable with, decide on an Automatic or a Fixed Pressure Machine and also if they need a humidifier. The price will vary on the machine selected. This is why we give everyone the opportunity to trial both.
Some health insurance providers will cover a percentage of the cost. This is something you will need to talk to your provider about.
We also have CPAP masks and machines available for hire. Please contact the South Pharmacy for pricing and availability.