Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is designed to inform consumers about prescription and pharmacist-only medicines. It provides information about a medicine and is written by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

A CMI gives you important facts to know before, during and after taking your medicine. The content of a CMI is defined by legislation and includes headings such as how to take your medicines, side effects and a description of the product. The legislation ensures the leaflet is accurate, unbiased and easy to use.

How do you use it?

Be sure to check that the brand name (usually in largest text) on your medicine exactly matches with the leaflet, to ensure you've chosen the right one.

Read the entire CMI before taking a new medicine, or to learn more about a medicine you're already taking, to ensure you get the best and safest use of the medicine. Keep it handy so you can refer to it later. Don't use it to try and diagnose, treat, cure or prevent illness yourself.

Every time someone receives a new medication if a CMI is available one is printed out and provided to our customers. We believe CMIs are a very important source of information for our customers as not everything can be discussed in the Pharmacy prescriptions are dispensed for the first time.

Consumer Medicine Information leaflets are supplied free of charge at all Outback Pharmacies.

More information about you medicaions can be found at the National Prescribing Service